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About us

About us

Shenyang Yate heavy equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a professional production of aluminum casting factory manufactured by Shenyang Yate reloading Equipment Co. Ltd and Shenyang Yate Foundry Research Institute jointly invested in the construction of large-scale private enterprises (magnesium) alloy products. Company covers an area of 90 thousand square meters, plant area of 30 thousand square meters, R D department building area of 5000 square meters. Located in Liaoning Province, Shenyang Mayor Zhang Shi Park Economic and Technological Development Zone, convenient transportation, from the Shenyang - Dalian highway, Beijing Shenyang Expressway is only 5 kilometers, and the supporting facilities, many of the worlds top 500 enterprises and domestic large and medium-sized enterprises are g...

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Iron graphite cast pipe






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